Love Letter - I Fully Sense You

Every fiber of my being is connected to you; all five senses are fully engaged. Sweetheart, I see the very essence of your soul. I see beyond your mango-sweet lips and your lilac-soft skin. I see the very core of your being —your strengths and vulnerabilities, your desires and fears, your joys and sorrows, your dreams and disappointments. I see the very heart of you.

And I know you often wonder whether I hear you. Well, let me put your mind at ease, because I do hear you. I understand what you say as well as all that’s unsaid—the way you purse your lips when you disagree or sigh when you’ve had enough; the way you stare off into space when you’re distracted or the way your smile lights up the room when you’re pleased. Baby, I hear the very heart of you.

Being one with you has taken on a whole new meaning. Your aroma is ever present; you envelop me like a sweet yet sultry and sensual perfume. I inhale and my nostrils fill with a fragrance that reminds me of your laugh, your touch, your kiss. Whether it’s your scent that remains after a morning embrace or the smell of your lingering love juices upon my lips, the very heart of you is ever present.

Oh taste and see. And oh baby, you are definitely good. I crave you. I desire you. I thirst for you. Like King Solomon, I long to come into my garden and taste its delectable fruits. The more I have of you, the more I want. When it comes to you, I’m insatiable. I delight in the very heart of you.

Have you ever been touched in a way that made you feel as if you were on fire? Touched so that your nerve endings prickled and the hairs on your body stood at attention? Touched and been assured of security, assured of love, assured of understanding? Well, that what’s you do for me, babe. You’ve touched the very heart of me.

Did I say you engaged all five senses? Correction, my love. You even affect that sixth sense. The sense that’s the very core of me—my heart and soul—where only you and God dwell.”

Naked and Unashamed, page 179 - 181