DAVENIA JONES LEA

Watching God work in my life has been a sight to behold. He took shy, introverted, hater of public speaking little old me and turned me into a mouthpiece for His purpose! I have grown to put my fears aside in order to share His message of love, hope and empowerment. God has given me a message and I’ve shared that message in my debut novel, Naked and Unashamed and I would be delighted to share His message with you. Here’s a description of the different types of engagements that I could host:

  • Book Club Discussions: This could be a Skpe visit or an in-person visit with me, the author of Naked and Unashamed. We can discuss the book and I can also answer questions about the writing process.
  • Speaking Engagements: This would be a 30 – 90 minute sermon, keynote address, or presentation on one of the topics below. Speaking engagements are generally a “monologue” with visual effects and special music offered by one of our musicians.
  • Workshops: This can be a half day or full day workshop covering in detail one of the topics that we offer or a series of breakouts on a few of the topics. Workshops provide information in relation to the topics and also include interactive activities as well as time for reflection and application.
  • Retreats: A retreat can be a two or three day retreat tailor made to promote rest, relaxation, education and reflection. A retreat can be local or organized in a retreat setting. Retreats consist of several break-out sessions, time for prayer and reflection as well as time to apply the lessons learned over an extended period of time.

Some of the speaking topics offered include:

  • My Passion, His Purpose
  • SUBMIT Your Way to a Joyous Marriage
  • SUBMIT: The Key to Freedom in Christ
  • The Principles of SUBMIT (you can choose one or more of the principles)
    • Surrender
    • Unconditional Love
    • Beholden
    • Motivation
    • Intimacy
    • Trust
  • You Don’t Know the Cost of My Oil: Healing at the Feet of Jesus
    • Healing from Grief
    • Healing from Rape and Abuse
    • Physical Healing
    • Emotional Healing
    • Spiritual Healing
  • Pray, Praise and Pamper

Please contact us to schedule your engagement today, and be prepared to ignite passion and purpose in your life. Be prepared to live a life naked and without shame!