About the Book

Get ready for the next novel in the Shulamite Series, Deliver Us From eviL. Become reacquainted with old friends from Naked and Unashamed – Shula and her eccentric family, her best friend Chelsea, the wonderfully amazing staff at Naaman's, as well as Alex and Jillian, participants in the Naked and Unashamed Counseling Session.

You'll meet new friends all participating in another one of Shula's week- long counseling sessions, "Clothed with Power." Alex and Jillian join Macy, the first lady of a mega church in Tennessee; Ava Rose, a young, budding Christian vocal artist; Sam (short for Samantha), the newly appointed fire chief of a conservative, Midwestern city in Minnesota; and Live', who is hellbent on seeking revenge, employing all the tactics of our enemy, Satan – distracting the ladies from their purpose, planting seeds of doubt regarding their worth, in addition to spreading discouragement and despair.  

Deliver Us From eviL is about getting out of one's comfort zone, understanding the power of women (God-style), and being spiritually and strategically equipped to fight the wiles of the enemy. You'll encounter twists and turns and experience ups and downs, but you won't be short of laughter, enlightenment, and a rekindled fire for living closer to God.