An Encounter with a King

The story was told by actor Telly Savalas about boarding a flight to Italy prepared to relax in first class. He was approached by a man who commented, “Mr. Savalas, I’ve enjoyed your work and have looked forward to meeting you for a very long time.” Then he said, “I am your greatest fan and would love to have you to my home for dinner”. Savalas shares how he informs the man how kind his offer is however, he has to decline. He then turns toward the window, hopefully conveying the message ‘Do Not Disturb.’ After landing, Savalas presumptuously prepared to disembark first; however, he was prompted to wait until the gentleman who complemented him deplaned. As he watched out the window, he noticed the gentleman being greeted by the honor guard while several diplomats stepped forward to meet before he was escorted to a waiting limousine. Savalas was curiously asked, “Who is that man?” and to his astonishment he learned that he had just encountered King Constantine of Greece. Telly Savalas had turned down a date with a King!

How many of us have missed our date with the King of Kings? Have we not recognized His presence or His voice? Have we been too busy, maybe focusing too much on purchasing last minute Christmas gifts?

The King of Kings is ready to bless you, desires to spend time with you, and longs to be close to you. Don’t let your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hinder your date with the KING!

Bible Verse: “He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful.” Revelation 17:14

Questions: Do you have a standing date with the King? Do you recognize God’s voice, recognizing when God speaks to you? If so, how do you know and if not how might you better identify His voice?