Total Eclipse of the Heart

Recently we witnessed an awe-inspiring event of the century. The Total Eclipse. The moon covered the sun and the earth became dark. Hmmm… Like when sin creeps into my heart, blocking the light of the Son. Bitterness blocks Gratefulness. Pride blocks Humbleness. Gluttony blocks Temperance. Jealousy blocks Joy. One minute I’m praising God for answered prayers, the next I’m complaining because the blessing I prayed for is too much, causing me stress, not what I thought it would be. One minute I’m filled with joy over an accomplishment, the next I’m jealous because my co-worker has seemingly accomplished more. Just as during an eclipse the harmful effects of the sun’s rays aren’t evident, the potential damage caused to your eyes is major. Don’t let the subtle effects of sin creep into your heart, blocking your light, causing fatal damage. Remember always, let your Light shine!!

Bible Verse: “Let your lights shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father…” Matthew 5:16 

Questions: What sin are you grappling with? How’s it blocking your Light? What’s your plan to kick it to the curb?