Beholden - It’s A Wrap

For the past six weeks, we’ve sojourned together in our quest to better understand the concept of Being Beholden as one of the six principles of living a SUBMITED life.

In three Blog Posts, we’ve explored:

Pardon the Interruption:  We began unpacking the concept of being beholden, which I described as ‘Gratitude on Steroids’.  We explored that if we appreciate who God is and all He’s done for us, then our sense of gratitude expands from simply being thankful. to understanding that although we can never repay Him for all He’s done for us, we’re forever bound to Him by an intricate web of His gift of salvation, His love, His grace and His mercy. Our gratitude should help us recognize and relish our dependence on Christ and out of our utmost gratitude, we should want to live our lives for Him.

All I Want For Christmas: We discovered that God gives wonderful gifts to us, not because we deserve them or have earned them but because He delights in our joy. He gives to us because of His love for us. And in return, we should praise Him through our worship and thanksgiving. Additionally, the good that we do should not be out of a sense of obligation or our belief that we can earn our way into His good graces. Our good works should stem from our exultation and delight for Gods’ generous gifts of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love.

Do You Hear What I Hear:  God, because of His infinite love, grace and mercy provided us another chance at eternal life. He gave us the greatest gift of all – His son Jesus Christ, who was born in a lowly manger, who died a criminal’s death, and who then rose and ascended to heaven to intercede on our behalf until we are united with Him in glory.  We discovered that despite any sadness, grief, confusion, hurt or the sorrow, we still have reason to rejoice and to give thanks because He’s already given us the most incomprehensible, the most undeserving, the most amazing gift and for this we should be forever beholden to Him. And this gratitude should lead to our continual praise and our outpouring of love.

Listen to These Songs about God’s Love:

Read His word:

Screenshot 2017-01-05 22.23.00.png

Read Naked and Unashamed:

Read a unique and intriguing perspective related to being beholden in Naked and Unashamed. Glimpse Shula’s unorthodox therapeutic methods as she demonstrates what it means to Be Beholden to another. Discover the “jailhouse” experience of Alex and Jillian. Take a moment and think about your own reactions. Which character do you relate to most? Give it a read and I promise you’ll never think of serving and being served the same way again!

Pray this Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You today filled with praise and thanksgiving! I enter Your gates with thanksgiving, and into Your courts with praise! (Psalm 100:4)

I thank You, my great God for being in my midst for You are a mighty one who can and will save me. Although I’m not worthy, thank You for rejoicing over me with gladness and when I am out of sorts, thank You for quieting me with Your love (Zephaniah 3:17). Thank You for wiping all my debt clean and for offering me eternal life (Romans 3:24). 

In Your most Holy Name, I pray, Amen.