Lea Jones is Back

Lover of My Soul Series, Episode #3 Beholden

Lea’s back and as usual, she’ll share her unique take on one of the principles of living a SUBMITTED life. This Episode, Undercover Lover, will summarize what it means to be BEHOLDEN to our Heavenly Father.  Check out this short video and please let me know what you think!

As a reminder, Lea Jones is the animated version of me, Davenia Jones Lea, author of Naked and Unashamed. I guess you could call her my alter ego, my avatar. Lea presents another take on the principles of SUBMIT as presented in the book Naked and Unashamed.

For those who may want to view for the first time or see them again, here are the past two episodes Secret Lover, which explores the principle of SURRENDER and Easy Lover which explores the principle of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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