I Am The Greatest

Heretofore, this has been the most difficult post to write, especially since I had assumed it would have been the easiest. I’m talking about who God is for Pete’s sake! That should be a piece of cake; I mean He’s my everything! How could the words not just tumble out of me like the gymnast Simone, at the 2016 Summer Olympics? You’d think my biggest worry would be how I could cut the post from 50 pages to my typical two.

What might the problem be? Glad you asked. The problem is, I can’t find sufficient words to describe or explain the depth, the breadth or the magnitude of God. All the words that come to mind, every word that I’ve googled or cross-checked via the thesaurus seem inadequate and overused in their descriptions of so many lesser things.

  • Hearing your newborn infant cry for the first time…PRICELESS
  • Flying in a machine, suspended in thin air, making a journey of three thousand miles in five hours (alive, I might add)…INCREDIBLE
  • The taste of a strawberry dipped in chocolate… SIMPLY AMAZING
  • Cheering your favorite football team (Let’s go Panthers, 2017 – WooHoo) onto a Super Bowl victory… EXTRAORDINARY
  • Muhammed Ali’s calculated and measured analysis of his opponent before even throwing the first punch followed unexpectedly by unfurled jabs mingled with killer right hooks for yet another TKO! And then the infamous Ali Shuffle and a confident declaration, “I am the Greatest!” - ASTONISHING
  • Being wrapped in the arms of the love of your life as he whispers, “I loved you then, I love you still. I love you now and I always will”… BREATHTAKING

See my dilemma now? If these adjectives can be used to describe parenting, flying, food, football, boxing and love; then how could they possibly be adequate enough to describe my God who is far more incredible, amazing, extraordinary, astonishing, or breathtaking than any experience or emotion I’ve ever had?

I then sought the Word of God for the characterizations desired and there He was --- God revealed. God in all His splendor and glory. God exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything you or I could ever imagine!

Despite my love of writing, I still couldn’t string the words together in such a way that would make your heart skip a beat; that would tap into all of your senses; that would captivate you and thrust you into realms of spiritual stirrings, unlike anything ever experienced before. So I reached out to a wonderful artist and friend, Angela Bryant-Brown and borrowed her amazing rendition of Lord You Are Holy.

Click Here and Be Blessed! 

Are you shouting yet? Just knowing that the One who loves you and Who has a plan for your salvation is more amazing, beyond bigger, exceedingly greater, exponentially mightier than anything, than everything, than all things here on earth and in the universe beyond!

Imagine the happiest, the most memorable, the best experience of your life. Recount how that moment made you feel---happy, full of joy, tickled pink, over the moon ecstatic? Now multiply those feelings times 10,000. And guess what, it still doesn’t compare to the love affair that you can have with God.

Get to know Him today, as your Redeemer, your Savior, your King of all Kings. And I won’t tell if you play the video again while giving God all the praise, honor and glory due His Holy Name!  

MY GOD IS… (Supporting Bible Texts):

Reflection Questions:

  • Which of the characteristics of God as described above or in the video resonate with you most? Why?
  • What additional characteristics best describe God and what He has meant/means to your life?
  • How does having a better understanding of Who God is impact your perspective of life?
  • What song(s) resonates with you and your beliefs of Who God is?

For more music by Angela Bryant-Brown, visit https://www.reverbnation.com/angelabryantbrown.