Lea Jones: Secret Lover Part 2

Imagine Lea having a secret lover? Never in a million years would you suspect her, me or the many people in your lives to have such a deep, dark secret love affair. But let's face it, many of us live behind a mask. The person portrayed to the world is a far cry from our true, authentic self. Take Savannah from Naked and Unashamed, the queen of fake. The queen of life in the make-believe. Not so unlike some of us I'm guessing.

Anyway, I hope that by reading Naked and Unashamed, or the 8 blog posts on the topic of Surrender or by viewing Lea Jones, you'll be inspired and moved to surrender your all. 

Sit back and enjoy Lea Jones in part two of episode one, Secret Lover, the first feature of the Lover of My Soul Series! And after you've enjoyed Lea, think about your own life and commit to make it better! If you've enjoyed or benefited from the Surrender Series (blog post and Lea), please share with a friend and share with me too! I'd love to hear from you. And while you're at, go ahead and buy the book, Naked and Unashamed and witness an even greater blessing. And if you've already bought it and read it, please let others know what you think by sharing your review on Amazon and on GoodReads.

Next week we will begin the blog series focused on Unconditional Love. Until then...

From My Heart to Yours,