Introducing Lea Jones

“Always up to something.” That’s one of the many mantra’s I heard as a child growing up. Believe you me, I was not the same sweet, quiet, caring person way back then as I am now J. Praise God for grace and mercy and the ability to transform! And Praise Him doubly for giving me parents with the patience of Job, who always saw the good in me despite my “wicked and devilsh” ways. Many have asked how’d I come up with characters for Naked and Unashamed and I’ve shared before, there are pieces of me in all of them, and that even includes Shula’s (the main character) bratty nieces and nephews.  I got kicked out of preschool ya’ll. I was a hand full to say the least.

Being a PK (yep, I’m a preacher’s kid) meant that we moved a lot. That certainly cured me of a lot of my sassiness.  But what I realize now is that the more disconnected I became from people (probably as a defense mechanism so that moving and starting over wouldn’t be so hard), I became more connected with the characters in my favorite books --- Jo of Little Women, Hester Prynne of Scarlet Letter --- they were my constants. I then dabbled in writing, creating characters of my own. And I especially loved creating varying aspects of myself --- the mysterious, undercover agent or the clever, conniving politician or the sassy, fun-loving designer.  In my head and on paper, these versions of me could and would say things I’d never say to others and go places I’d only dreamed of. They were always witty and on point. Always charming and put together. Always bringing their “A-game”.

As I said before, praise the Lord for saving me from myself. I have changed in soooo many ways. But somethings are still at the core of who I am. Like my love for reading and writing… And the varying versions of me that live inside my head. And before you ask or start sending me the names of good doctors, I am NOT schizophrenic. I’m creative, and imaginative. (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it J).

Hence Lea Jones! She’s the animated me! That version of myself that’s sassier. That “tell it like it is” version of me. My very own avatar if you will.  Lea will share in 5-7 minutes, what I’ve attempted to share in a whole book, Naked and Unashamed, in over 10 blog posts and in some odd 12, 000 written words. She’ll share her perspective on the each of the six principles of SUBMIT. (Do you remember, can you name all six – Don’t worry, I’ll remind you – SurrenderUnconditional loveBeholdenMotivateIntimacyTrust). 

And a huge shout out Rebecca Law who understood my vision and has made it come to life!!!

So sit back and enjoy Lea Jones in the first episode, Secret Lover, of the Lover of My Soul series.

From my heart to yours,