It’s A Wrap

For the past eight weeks, we’ve sojourned together in our quest to better understand the concept of Surrender as one of the six principles of living a SUBMITTED life.

In seven Blog Posts, we’ve explored:

I Surrender All: The six principles of living a SUBMITTED life:

S – Surrender
U – Unconditional Love
B – Beholden
M – Motivate
I – Intimacy
T – Trust

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: Faith and fear cannot coexist and in order to completely surrender all to Him, we first have to let go of the reigns and secondly, we have to let go of our fears.

Do You Love Me More Than These: In order to surrender our all to Christ, we must be willing to forsake all of the ‘these’ in our lives; giving up everything that serves to hinder a closer walk with Him.

A Woman Outta Control: God wants us to be “Out of Control”, so that He can regain control of our lives, our plans, our hopes, our dreams, and our hearts.

Tore Up From the Floor Up: In order to walk in the new way that God has prepared for us (Isaiah 43:18-19), we have to surrender our will and our control to Him and then prepare to be changed!

Jack Is Back: As the author of our stories, Christ has the ability to erase our mistakes, to give us a new name, and to transform our character.  If we surrender our all to Him.

Naked and Afraid: We serve a God who has afforded us the ‘no restrictions exchange policy’. See, for each and every fig leaf that we choose to surrender to Him, He promises to exchange them for white garments, washed in the blood of the Lamb so that we no longer need to be clothed in our fig leafs of shame (Revelation 3:18). Surrender is a CHOICE!

We’ve covered a lot of ground, so this week why don’t you meditate on these things, considering how you too can live a Surrendered life.

Read His word:

Luke 12:25, 26

John 21:15

Romans 12:2

Isaiah 64:8

Romans 8:24

Romans 15:13

Jeremiah 29:11

Psalm 39:7

Proverbs 10:28  

Psalm 31:1

Revelation 3:18

2 Corinthians 5:1-3

Listen to These Songs of Surrender:

Read Naked and Unashamed:

Read a unique and intriguing perspective related to surrender in Naked and Unashamed. Glimpse Shula’s unorthodox therapeutic methods as she demonstrates what it truly means to SUBMIT to ones’ husband by first learning to surrender your all to Christ. Discover the diverse responses from Alex, Barb, Savannah and Lindsey. Take a moment and think about your own reactions. Which character do you relate to most? What’s most challenging for you to surrender (thoughts, actions, things, etc.)? Imagine life on the other side of surrender. I promise you, it’s sweeter, more abundant, more fulfilling than anything you could ever hope for or imagine!

Pray this Prayer of Surrender:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You today full of fear and uncertainty.  I’ve been in control, or so I’ve thought, for so long, and the very idea of surrendering all to You is terrifying. But I coming to You in faith, albeit the faith of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20), believing that a surrendered life to You is far more satisfying than anything this world could ever offer (Romans 12:2). In Your word, You said that if I follow You and deny myself, I will be saved (Matthew 16:24-27). So today I will trust You with all my heart, knowing that my own understanding is faulty (Proverbs 3:5-6). Today I commit myself to You as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Help me to be like Peter, leave everything behind to follow You (Mark 10:28). In Your most Holy Name I pray, Amen.