It’s A Wrap

For the past six weeks we’ve sojourned together in our quest to better understand the concept of Unconditional Love as one of the six principles of living a SUBMITTED life.

In six Blog Posts, we’ve explored:

Fifty Shades of Grey:  We discovered the skewed ideas, images, and practices that are becoming so entrenched in our value and belief systems that we no longer know what true love is. We’re becoming so comfortable dwelling in the shades of grey – love is conditional, love hurts, love is temporary – and we no longer recognize the simple black and white of the matter - God is love.

I AM The Greatest: We discovered that God is love and we examined some of the amazing attributes of God.

Fair Weather Friend:  We discovered that because God is Love, He is teaching me how to love myself; not because I’m so great, but because I am His. I am a child of the King and I should walk around boldly, with confidence, secure in knowing that despite my circumstances and my feelings, God’s got me.

Ambush Makeover: We contrasted the world’s perception of beauty with God’s perception of who we are in Him.

Unto the Least of These: We learned that in order to truly love the “unlovable” we must make the choice to love, forgive others, and believe that through God all things are possible, even loving when we don’t feel we can.

The Girl Next Door: We learned that to truly love our neighbors we must intentionally and more meaningfully love others by knowing our neighbors, getting out of our comfort zone, investing in others, being an ambassador for Christ through the way we live and praying for others.


As you reflect on the meaning of Unconditional Love, view a video clip of an interaction I had this summer with a homeless man, with the voice of an angel. This interaction caused me to question, do I love enough? Do I love everyone?

And here’s one more perspective for you to ponder. View Lea Jones in the second episode of the Lover of My Soul, Easy Lover. It’s quite simple, really, as it all boils down to making a choice to love. 

So this week in particular, let’s figure out a way to love more deeply, more completely, and more like Christ. 

Read His word:

Listen to These Songs about God’s Love:

Read Naked and Unashamed:

Read a unique and intriguing perspective related to surrender in Naked and Unashamed. Glimpse Shula’s unorthodox therapeutic methods as she demonstrates what it truly means to Love Unconditionally and to be loved Unconditionally. Discover the diverse experiences of Chelsea, Alex, Barb, Savannah and Lindsey. Take a moment and think about your own reactions. Which character do you relate to most? Imagine experiencing true, unconditional love. I promise you, it’s sweeter, more abundant, more fulfilling than anything you could ever hope for or imagine!

Naked and Unashamed
By Davenia Jones Lea

Pray this Prayer of Love:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You today an empty vessel, longing to be filled with Your Holy Spirit. Teach me to love as You have loved me. Help me to keep Your Word so that I may experience the love of the Father for evermore (John 14:23). Thank you for the gift of forgiveness, for even a sinner like me (Romans 5:8) and I pray that nothing– not death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers,  nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation – separate me from your love (Romans 8:38).

In Your Most Holy Name I pray, Amen.