Lea Jones. She’s the animated me! That version of myself that’s sassier.

That “tell it like it is” version of me. My very own avatar if you will. 

Lea will share in 5-7 minutes, what I’ve attempted to share in a whole book, Naked and Unashamed, in over 20 blog posts and in some odd 25,000 written words.

She’ll share her perspective on the each of the six principles of SUBMIT. (Do you remember, can you name all six – Don’t worry, I’ll remind you – Surrender Unconditional love Beholden Motivate Intimacy Trust) as only Lea can. Lea keeps it real, always sharing from her heart to yours.

Secret Lover, Part 1

Imagine the person closest to you having a secret lover? That person who, never in a million years would you suspect of having such a deep, dark secret love affair. But let's face it, many of us live behind a mask. The person portrayed to the world is a far cry from our true, authentic self. This holds true for Lea too. Will she continue to hide? Will she get caught? Tune in to find out more...

Undercover Lover: Beholden

Lea's on the run. Ducking and diving. Bobbing and weaving. Will she ever experience freedom again or will she be destined for a life of on the run.

Secret Lover, Part 2

The saga continues. Lea confesses and you'll never guess what's got her so out of control, tied up in knots, willing to lose it all...

Easy Lover

If you knew you were loved completely without judgement, would you be moping about like a lost puppy dog? Well Lea's sure grumpy today. Pay her a visit and discover the remedy to feeling blue.